The company Manara intaglio e torniture srl is in the sector for 45 years starting from the first furniture hand-carved by Giuseppe the man who founded the company, until today where his sons Andrea and Alberto continue the tradition combined with innovation. We make the most of the potential of modern technologies combined with the experience and knowledge of Made in Italy craftsmanship handed down from generation to generation.

To date, the company with the generational change has moved on to the luxury sector, realizing custom-made kitchens, boiseries and furniture parts such as walk-in closets, wardrobes, windows, beds ..
How we operate

Reliefs: We take care of the site survey on building sites / private homes with photos and measurements of the premises.
Design: We design our bespoke furnishings directly in our offices with customized solutions and their estimate.
Construction: The project comes to life with the creation of furniture thanks to our master craftsmen and a team of young professionals who love Italian design and luxury furnishings.
Packaging and shipping
Assembly and testing: The company, if requested by the customer, also deals with the assembly of furniture commissioned in Italy and abroad.